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  • The Serra de Sintra, at the doorsteps of The Lodge, rises up to 529 m (1736 ft) and allows for great downhill rides from the top of green mountains straight to the shores of the deep blue Atlantic ocean. Our driver will take you and your bike to the top and await you at the end of your adrenalin-pushing descent, just to take you up for another ride. And another... Guides or marked tracks will lead you.

  • Make the most of your trip and use the local knowledge of our guides to explore one of Europe's most exciting and diverse regions off-road.


    Our tours will take you along the rugged atlantic coastline with its steep cliffs as well as into the heart of the Serra de Sintra with its dense and diverse fauna, deep valleys and high mountains with breathtaking views.


    Our tours include single- and doubletrack trails and dirt road. Three levels will be on offer, advanced, beginner and intermediate, plus the option between half day and full day.

  • Total independence: our GPS units contain a vast number of tours for all levels. Grab one, select a trail, and go for it!


    Our driver will take you to the different freeride tracks in the Serra de Sintra, only a few minutes from The Lodge, let you loose for an obstacle-rich ride and pick you up at the end to take you and your bike back up again for the next round!

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