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Terms and conditions


Conditions of participation 

  1. All guests must be physically fit. Upon booking, the customer confirms that there are no medical objections to his/her participation in the booked sports.


Booking and payment

  1. The reservation is valid only after a confirmation of availability by The Lodge/ Starpinelodge, the receipt of a deposit and an appropriate booking confirmation.
  1. The balance can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.
  1. The customer is in charge of any possible bank charges/fees.


Dismissal / resignation by the customer

  1. A reservation can be cancelled at any time. The termination is effective from the date of the written receipt by The Lodge/ Starpinelodge. In case of cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply: cancellation more than 1 month (30 days) prior to arrival: no charge. 30 to 15 days prior to arrival: 50%. 14 days and less prior to arrival: 100%.
  1. The Lodge/Starpinelodge is allowed to re-occupy the through resignation / withdrawal vacated room/s.


  1. There will be no refunds granted, in case the customer cannot further participate in the booked package activity due to, during the stay sustained, injuries
  1. The Lodge/Starpinelodge does not make any concessions, does not grant any refunds or credits in case of late arrival, early departure or miss of booked meals or activities.


  1. The customer may transfer his rights and obligations to a third party before arrival. In this case a handling fee of € 25, - is due. The transfer law involves merely the originally booked package. A modification of the package depends on the availability of the appropriate activities and can lead to additional costs due to higher prices. Changing the package to a more favourable no refunds are granted. The Lodge/Starpinelodge can reject the new participant if the latter does not meet the present entry conditions or due to legal objections to his participation. If a third party takes over the contract, both, the third party and the initial participants, are jointly liable
    to The Lodge/Starpinelodge for the package price and any additional costs caused by the contract transfer.


  1. The Lodge/ Starpinelodge strongly recommends the conclusion of certain insurances such as travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance, baggage insurance, travel medical insurance.


Termination by The Lodge/ Starpinelodge

  1. The Lodge/Starpinelodge has the right to exclude customers after prior warning if their behaviour disrupts other customers permanently, put other customers at risk, or potentially can cause damage to materials or buildings of the Lodge/ Starpinelodge. Serious misconduct may result in immediate exclusion. Refunds will not be granted in any of these cases.



  1. Participation in the offered sports as well as the approach to the respective localities are within the responsibility of the participant. The Lodge/Starpinelodge does not take responsibility for any risks linked to any exercise connected to an exercise or risks that are taken knowingly by the customer when purchasing the package. The Lodge/Starpinelodge does not take responsibility for any injuries or damages the customer might sustain while being misconducted by other participants or third parties.


  1. Any liability on the part of the Lodge/ Starpinelodge for loss or damage to the property of the participant is excluded. Equipment of the Lodge/Starpinelodge should be treated properly and carefully. In case of loss or damage due to the participant’s gross negligence the latter is liable for the damage.


  1. The use of the by the Lodge/ Starpinelodge offered services such as swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi (sauna and Jacuzzi exclusively available at the Lodge), archery field, fitness and yoga area, beach volleyball, etc. is at the customer’s own risk. The instructions /usage rules are to be followed at any time. Parents or guardians are liable for their children.


Limitation of Liability

  1. The contractual liability of the Lodge/Starpinelodge for damage other than physical is limited to 3 times the travel price as long as the damages were not caused deliberately or by gross negligence.


  1. Participation failures due to injury during the stay will not be refunded.
  1. The Lodge/Starpineldoge does not take any responsibility for the failure of booked activities due to weather conditions or unexpected or unforeseen events that are not in our sphere of influence. In this case there is no refund granted for any cancelled services. However, we will make a strong effort in order to offer an alternative program.
  1. Inscription to activities is possible until 19:00 the previous day (depending on availability). Cancellation of an inscription to an activity is possible till 19:00 the previous day. In case of cancellation after 19:00 the previous day, the activity will be fully charged to the client.
  1. The Lodge/Starpinelodge reserves the right to use quotations limited to certain periods.


  1. The invalidity of individual clauses of the travel contract does not affect the validity of the entire contract or of the remaining clauses.



  1. All vouchers must be presented at the time of booking and be confirmed by us to be valid.
  1. Vouchers are only valid for one person per trip
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