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  • The Team behind TheLodge is a big consortium of persons from various fields from all over Europe. In order to stay up to date with what is going on in Europe in the fields of the trend sport circus and the environmental movements we put together a great team which will assure that we meet our desired standards in all fields. For several activities we will work together with local guides and institutions.

  • Ralph holds a master in economics and managed and advised surf camps in Portugal and Sri Lanka. He has travelled all continents in the last 15 years and knows the needs and desires of travelers very well. He is a surf coach since 2007 and knows all little hidden beaches here. He is well experienced in Fitness & Cardio, Surfing and Swimming.

    Martina holds a Degree in Finance and Accounting, used to work as an accountant for banks in London. A big part of her experience involves customer services; she will apply her current skills to assist the company in being successful and growing. She is well experienced in Volleyball, Surfing, Basketball, Athletics and Tennis.

  • Corinna attended the Medical course at Munich's Ludwig-Maximilian University and the Josef-Angerer College for Naturopathy, Munich, Germany. She holds the official German Naturopathic License. Corinna has worked as an assistant in one of Bavaria's (Germany) best naturopathic practices. Her experience in what well-being means will be one of our main advantages in our spa area. Her main tasks will be the coordination of the spa area, nutrition and the well-being of our clients. She is well experienced in Yoga, Tai Chi.


    Ana holds a degree in architecture and is recently finishing a master's degree in planning and management of nature and adventure tourism. She has worked as a surf instructor for 3. Her specialty is the coordination of the daily sports activities and to customize the programs for our clients. She is well experienced Surfing, Hiking, Canoeing, Biking.


    Isabel is a professional climber for the past 15 years has a degree in environmental engineering. She won the national championship for sport climbing and bouldering for more than 5 years in a row and stopped competing in 2010. What motivates her the most with climbing is the opportunity to be able to reach her limits and at the same time being outdoors appreciating the surround environment. Being passionate about climbing took her too great adventures all over the world where she could get in touch with different cultures while experiencing climbing in other environments. She is an expert of the climbing spots in Portugal, from the sea limestone cliffs to the boulder problems hidden in the Sintra forest. She is also practices yoga and surf.


    Koen is a licensed PE teacher. He used to be a professional soccer player and was a soccer coach in Belgium. He writes specific training plans for biking. He is well settled in the sports we offer and it is hard to get him of his bike.


    Ines has a degree in Portuguese and English literature and started practicing yoga 13 years ago and has been teaching it for 9 years. She trained at "Centro Português de Yoga" to be a teacher in 2005 and from 2009 to 2012 spent around one year living in Nice, France, to study with Christian Pisano, an Advanced Senior Lyengar teacher. During that time, she finished a 3 year Teacher Training with him and is now a certified Lyengar teacher and has participated in dozens of workshops around the world. She is passionate about the practice as a revealing art that, through a very detailed and aware conscious movement, distributes intelligence into the cells of the body, showing the mind and body not only its current state, but its great potential.

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